There is a history of thyroid disease in my family. What are the chances of me developing it as well?

There are lots of different types of thyroid disease, and although some have been shown to have a genetic link, this doesn't mean you will necessarily develop any disorder. However, the chances of you developing a disorder may be higher than someone without a family history of thyroid diseases.


I think I have a some of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder. What should I do?

If you think you are suffering from a thyroid disorder, consult your GP, who will investigate further. Some symptoms (such as fatigue) are common to other diseases and aren't necessarily caused by a thyroid disorder; however, it may still be advisable to seek medical advice.


My doctor has prescribed PTU rather than Carbimazole. Why is this?

Carbimazole is not suitable for everybody and some people may be allergic. It is also not suitable in pregnancy, as it may disrupt hormonal balance.

It is also associated with side effects, some of which are very serious.

For further insight consult your doctor.


I have hypothyroidism. Will I be on thyroxine replacement therapy for the rest of my life?

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, yes. Hypothyroidism rarely resolves itself, especially in cases of thyroid surgery or treatment with radioiodine.

Thyroxine is required for correct body functioning and is associated with very few side effects. Whilst taking tablets everyday may feel inconvenient, it is necessary to maintain health.